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Eran Medan  Khan academy for computer science. Well done, and thanks! Great explanations, keep it up
R.J. LaCount Man, you are an awesome teacher. Just enough fun asides to bring a smile to my face and help me remember what I’ve learned. Thanks, and keep it up!
Krishna Chaitanya Brilliant, brought a smile to my face.
komal kumar I am looking for lectures of this sort. I found them. Very good lectures mr saurabh. I will be watching all of your vedios. Why don’t u spend some time on how to approach the problem in more detail.
Virgil Barnard  Wonderful description, thank you.
daSurrealist very helpful kind of you to share your knowledge
Indrajit Saha Excellent explanation…. After wasting an entire day watching various videos on travelling salesman problem….Your video finally cleared all my doubt’s. Thanks a ton
Bittu Bhowmick Its awesome Saurabh Sir. Your explanation is too clear. The way you speak,you allow the brain to capture your each and every word. Thank you Sir. Hope to find more videos of these kind.
ushernut i have watched lots of other video to explain algorithm, urs are the best, very good logic, good explanation, very impressed.